A word from the wise.
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    Default A word from the wise.

    You may of read a reply with this phrase on a reply in the Joke section on this Forum,After taking another squint at it this afternoon Id just like to say after spending many a winter going the length and breadth of the country with firstly Bob Nudd then a couple of years with Ivan Marks telling guests at these Roadshows how good and friendly Ireland is and a must to try, then living there to fish the Festivals for eight years I find that reply a tad out of order, an isolated reply one would think, rant over, 👍

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    Unfortunately, this day and age some people can be a bit too sensitive at times. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Im not Jimbo, just a tad annoying, keyboard warrior maybe🙄

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    To be honest mate I read it and thought Bob was having a laugh and nothing to get upset about but maybe I read it wrong but I hope not.

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    As I say not upset, just thought the reply was out of order, Im not the tutor be worried believe me.The Mod blocked the thread so maybe he thinks like me🙄

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    Here's one for ye Rover,
    Q.Whats the last thing you wanna hear whilst giving Willie Nelson head...?
    A. "Im not Willie Nelson".

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    This is the reason the original thread was locked.
    If this continues, then its probable that for the first time in a while members will be banned.
    This is always a last resort,but we will not accept members getting personal and insulting or threatening one another.
    When moderators close a thread,its for a reason,opening a similar (the same) thread under a different heading is not acceptable, if you feel a thread has been unfairly closed.YOU can simply ask Admin via a PM for an explanation or contact the owner(oneabung,,,Simon Young) to express your concern.
    He owns the site and makes the rules.
    This thread is now locked,if you wish to discuss the matter,contact me or any other admin or the site owner by PM,DO NOT OPEN ANOTHER POST.
    Regards Peter.
    Take nothing but photographs,leave nothing but footprints.


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