Went down to fish today and the pool was bubbling! The water must just be on the temp turn for them now! It might be the weekend to get out if you were thinking about it!

Had a great day fishing silvers on the pole with triple corn, and then every so often getting taken for a ride by a nice 6-10lb carp. I didn't have the heart to target the margin carp, and spent most of the day watching a huge group round my feet.

Silvers were going great guns, I whacked in a load of feed in a general area, and just held the shoal. Then the spawning carp were moving into that and picking up offerings as well. All seemed to be feeding and had grass/common/mirror all taking bait.

Didn't have a single male bream. Loads of bream were caught but all were female. I assume the males have started to get territorial ready for spawning.

I had a nice 1 1/2lb tench on corn as well.