Went out to my local commercial today and had a very strange day fishing.

It's a heatwave but the water is still cold and I don't think the fish have come on to spawn yet.

With that in mind I went to get silvers, expecting them to be more active and feeding hard. I picked my spot, right on the chop. And set to work with pole on corn and maggot over a bed of micro's.

I started the day fishing 5inches over depth (5ft) on a low spread bulk. I had a hunch the silver were up a little in the water and switched the shotting to 12" deep with a single no10 drop shot on the bottom. Most of the bites came off the drop and I had a very solid day fishing.

Must of had 10 perch on maggot ranging from 1oz to 1lb. The largest one was a lovely dark perch. Bream ranging from 1oz to 2lb. Roach 1oz to 1lb, Crusians, and a few small F1's all about the 1/2lb mark. Mostly going for single or double corn on a 18 hook. I had a very good day of sport and had I been using a keepnet I have no doubts in my mind it would have been a very nice net of fish.

The odd part to the day is of all the people on the lake I was the only one that looked to be targeting silvers. There were loads of carpers and I don't think any of them caught anything. All chucking huge offerings at islands like summer fishing.

The carp in the lake were the strangest of all, up high on the water. Gulping air and been social, but I didn't see a single one suck anything off the surface, or even look at free offering thrown over them.

I was pulling silvers out 1 a chuck at one point and got a small crowd of carpers who were obviously bored to tears.... but none of them switched methods. Am I missing something about fishing where a single catch in a lake that only has carp to 20lb is worth more than a day of constant silvers!